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The Bigger Change Philosophy 

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When we say aspire we mean the desire to want something more out of life is so pressing you can no longer ignore it.  It means that where you are and where you want to be are not the same place. All Bigger Change starts with an aspiration, we all think about what we want…but taking those steps towards it or focusing so intensely on it…that is next level.  


Action can be incredibly difficult when you are used to inaction. Great things in life are often the hardest things.  The most difficult path is often the right path.  If you put in the work you will get the results.  


So many of us live in fear so we are scared to risk. Fear of failure will happen whether we choose to risk or not, so why not go for it anyway.  That way when failure happens we can prove to ourselves that we will get back up again and again.  See in order to achieve Bigger Change we must aspire, act, and always be ready to adjust.


On Boarding

In depth questionnaire to understand your circumstances and preferences, plus an introduction to BCA "What to know before getting started"

IOS/Android App

Access plans directly on phone, check in calls, photo uploads, and online supportive community. Syncs with nutrition tracking apps and wearable devices. 

Training Program

Custom built fitness programs based off your skills, goals, and equipment available. Plans include resistance training, cardio, mobility and stretching.

Bigger Change Program

How it Works

Meal Plan

Custom meal plan that is updated every 4-8 weeks based off of progress. Meal plans include exact calories and macronutrients required. 

24/7 Support &

Orientation call, mandatory weekly video check in call and progress photo uploads, monthly progress evaluation, unlimited in app messaging support.   

Habit Reformation 

Habit reformation teaching addresses mindset. Mindset training gives you tools and knowledge to build a sustainable healthy lifestyle with custom habit tracking (water, mediation, nutrition, sleep, etc.)


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Your Journey 

Begins Here, 


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Client Testimonials 

"Working with Shannon at Bigger Change really changed my life and my own approach to what it really means to make a change and doing what’s best for my body. The workout plan and meal plans were so easy to follow and I felt like Shannon knew exactly what my body needed way better then I ever have been able to. I would recommend Bigger Change to anybody that wants to make sure their body is their number one priority. Health comes from with-in and Bigger Change really helped me make that happen!"


Derek G.


Who Should Apply?

you are Ready to Take  Action 

you are Coachable
& seeking Accountability

This program is for individuals ready to invest in themselves and create sustainable results that will last a lifetime, ditch the restrictive and fad diets, and develop healthy relationships with their nutrition. 


Individuals who are coachable and will show up everyday to learn and grow with a positive attitude and open mind will succeed in this program. Accountability is rooted in our formula we use to help you achieve your permanent change. 

you want to stop the Excuses & commit

We do not put on 20lbs over night, we can not expect to lose 20lbs over night. Setting aside the excuses, having patience, staying consistent, and committing to trust the process the key to Bigger Change.

you have Sport Specific, Post 

Injury or postural needs

If you have pain for an injury (particularly knee, shoulder, hip and ankle) and are tired of it holding you back from achieving your goals, we can help you. Also, individuals who have experience in weight lifting or compete in a specific sport looking to improve strength, speed, and agility we have the right program for you.

Who Should Not Apply?

You makes  excuses 

Individuals who are un-coachable, by refusal to change their habits / mindsets for the better, or are not a team player and are unwilling to show up for themselves should not apply. 

you are seeking instant result 

This program is a marathon not a sprint. Health and safety of each client will always supersede drastic results in short durations. Individuals who jump from program to program because they did not get the results they wanted in a few days / weeks will not be a good fit for our program.

you are looking for drama

Body shaming, bullying, and drama will never be tolerated nor accepted. As this is a community built program, each and every individuals safety mentally and physically will always come first. Any harassment towards another individual will result in immediate non-refundable termination.

Financial fear or on the fence

Individuals who are not fully committed to starting their health and fitness goals should not apply. Additionally if you are not comfortable investing between $50-$150 per week to achieve your health and fitness goals permanently, this is not the program for you.

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