Immersive Digital Personal Training

The Bigger Change Formula 



Mindset & Habit Reformation

My goal is to ensure that you are achieving the best results possible in our time working together. In addition I always want to ensure that you are given the tools to help keep your results long after our time working together. You won’t have a personal trainer the rest of your life if we are being honest here, but you will have the opportunity to create a lifestyle that integrates health and fitness to best compliment you. This is why I help my clients focus on the following:


Training that compliments your goals and integrates with your life. Remote online training allows you take your workouts with you where ever you go. On your schedule and your time. With a custom program curated to your bodies needs, limitations, and physical goals.

Nutrition is the most important aspect of any health and fitness journey. Having a healthy relationship with food and a balanced approach in nutrition and lifestyle integration should always take precedence. We work hand in hand with you in developing a structured approach in helping you achieve confidence, regained control, and becoming present in social settings that mean the most to you without food remorse. Nutrition is not a one size fits all. Your macros will never match that of someone else’s.

Accountability should always be at the fore front of your fitness journey. You should never have to walk alone when it comes to earning your success. I always ensure that my clients are prepared, supported, and have access to me at all times. So when new goals are hit you are celebrated. When questions arise they are answered. When you feel down, you know you are supported. When you need extra motivation, you are connected.

Powerful Technology 

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Take your trainer anywhere you workout: in the gym, at home or on the road, 24/7.


Keep track of your progressions and see your fitness level increase in easy to read graphs.


How-to videos of each exercise from a trained fitness professional for a virtual experience.


We create a custom plan based on your current condition and fitness goal with regular updates.


Workout history, personal bests, measurements trends, BMI and nutritional intake graphs.


Message your trainer directly from the mobile app for quick communication.




All of our coaches walk the walk, and talk the talk. They have overcome set backs and obstacle in their lives and continue to set an example of what living their Bigger Change means to them!






This program is designed to help you make permanent change, empower you to make better food choices and maintain your workout momentum. Having an experienced fitness professional coaching you throughout the entire length of your program is only part of it.


All Bigger Change Programs include habit reformation, periodization structured workouts, alternative exercise options and daily accountability. In addition, you get unlimited text messaging support with your personal trainer right through the Bigger Change mobile app.


If you are ready and willing to make significant personal change with the support of a certified fitness & nutrition coach, then we encourage you to apply to our program and get started on your Bigger Change today!



Unlimited in-app messaging

Customized strength training program

Personalized cardio programming

Each exercise demonstrated in HD video

Nutrition planning & coaching

Mobility & flexibility programs

One 50 minute video chat coaching session weekly

Simple weekly activities designed to create new habit patterns and reinforce your decision to improve

All program length are customized per each individual's goal. We do not offer quick fixes, we help you create a lifestyle. We GUARANTEE YOUR RESULTS when following the Bigger Change Program.


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