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Hi, I'm Shannon Southwick 

I am the founder of Bigger Change. My online fitness services are the result of seven years experience working at the highest level as a personal trainer, learning not just how to create amazing physical transformations, but also to help create sustainable health habits. These important habits allow those on my training programs not only to achieve their ideal body, but to also foster a healthy energy and vitality that makes any task in life easier to accomplish..

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I have three core objectives for my clients that are present in everything I do:

1. Deliver your ideal physique

We start here not just because this has long been our primary expertise but also because we acknowledge that being in great shape and feeling fit helps to rid the mind a lot of negative self talk that can be unproductive over many areas of your life. Once we’ve quieted those voices we have a far greater opportunity to move forward with a still mind.

2. Establish a healthy lifestyle

Our training programs have two primary objectives. The first is to achieve results on a short time scale, typically over 6 – 24 weeks. This means you will be training hard and eating the kind of food that is going to help you achieve your goal. The other focus is on your health ten years from now, this ensures that we never include anything in your programs that would detract from your overall health and well-being. Every workout regime allows for full recovery, every meal plan is designed for nutritional diversity and we include meditations and other health practices that help offset any fatigue incurred on your body.

3. Fuel Your Ambition

Having a great physique and maintaining optimal health is an amazing achievement in life. It’s also a great springboard for sitting down and deciding exactly what you would like to achieve in your life, in terms of career, business, goals, creative projects and building a fulfilling lifestyle in general. You’ll be feeling so good on our programs that you may be surprised how creative you feel and just how much energy you have to spur those long held goals and dreams into action.

I'd like to share a little about my fitness journey, experience gained, and lessons learned and  ultimately how I can apply my experience to help guide you to attain a level of health and fitness that up until now may always have felt out of reach.


In 2010 I was involved in a horrific car accident, told that I would never walk the same again or be able to live an "active life". During this time of recuperation, I was depressed, unmotivated, isolated, and felt stuck. I had many surgeries and spent most of my days at physical therapy, doctors appointments, and hospitals. 

Then in February of 2013 I became seriously fed up with feeling helpless, being undisciplined with my body, having low energy all the time, and having no confidence from not having a body that I could be proud of. I realized that I had been given two choices; accept my new limitations or push through the self- doubt and attempt to regain my health. It was time to make a change... I hit the gym, discovering that I could work out and reclaim my strength, flexibility and confidence. I was hooked; I instantly felt called to empower others to take a natural and holistic approach to finding their total wellness. 

I’ve found that when you don’t have confidence in your body, it translates to every other area of your life. It carries over into interactions with people of the opposite sex, your business, your friendships, everything! I wanted to make a change to the state of my body because I believe that the state of your body is the state of your life. My body was in bad shape, and so was my life. So in February 2013 I went all in and haven’t looked back.

Unfortunately, most people don’t live in their ideal body; they live in a body that’s comfortable to have. A body that allows them to eat food for pleasure, not as a way to refuel. And most people lack the motivation to achieve their ideal body; a body they deserve! That’s my passion, I want to help men and women master their bodies so that they can create their biggest impact in the world.


Meet Our Coaches! 

Meet Our Coaches

Shannon Southwick

Linus Gillgren

I started my journey when I was 4 years old playing hockey. But when I was 14 golf took over and my fitness level went down until I turned 18 and realized how Important fitness was for my future in professional golf. I lost about 30lbs and my love for fitness just grew. I later had a lot of injuries due to lack of knowledge and balance. That is the biggest reason I love helping others to make sure others avoid the mistakes that I made. Especially over training and ignoring a healthy diet.

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Emmy Adamson

My name is Emmy and health and fitness has always been a big part of my life. I got deep into an eating disorder when I was a young teenager, getting through that changed my life and gave me some perspective of what’s important in life and what’s not. It was a long journey getting healthy after being through something that effects your body and mind, no matter what the condition might’ve been. After going through different phases I realized a strong will in me that I wanted to help others. That will is pushing me forward every day to coach other people to be the best they can be and to do what they can to live as healthy and happy of a life that they can, from inside and out. It was the best decision I’ve ever made to become a coach!

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